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Sound off for Oct. 14
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OK, Long County School System, it’s time. We are tired of the way that we are being treated by the principals, we need to go on a strike. You see what Chicago does, it’s time for Long County, especially the teachers at Walker. And the parapros are treated better than we are? Let’s show them that we are somebody and we have a degree. All for it, let’s do it.

Only in Long County can the tax commissioner have a daycare in her office. Last time I checked, taxpayers’ money was supporting that office.

If a man knows he is married, he goes outside of the marriage to get what he already has at home, and when he is tired of that on the outside, he wants to return home. Sorry boo, sad story — stay where you are; there’s too many diseases going around now.

This is in response to the person who called Sound off about the Republicans cutting spending and the soldiers need to save their money. This person absolutely does not know history — that shows how ignorant some of our voters are. Every time a Republican is in office, military spending goes up. Every time a Democrat is in office, military spending goes down. They voted for this worthless president, so now their spending is going down.

To the person who says Republicans cut military: You’re mistaken. President Obama has already cut the military and plans to make more cuts. Get your facts right.

The caller in a recent Sound off in reference to military pay being cut by the Republican Party has his facts wrong. It is the Democrats who want to raise taxes. Wake up, people. If Obama gets re-elected, he will use his executive order privilege even more than he did in his first term.

Why don’t you ask the mayor of Midway to get the people in Midway voting at the city hall or the city places we have here in Midway, and not have to go to Fleming Baptist Church to place our votes? We pay taxes in Midway and should have the benefit of voting in Midway.

I feel the person’s comment in Sound off to commanders and NCOs is out of touch. The person has not kept up with the current administration plans for getting the Pentagon its several billion this coming year. It is not the Republican Party; it is the Democrats. This administration also feels the military is overpaid.

This is in reference to the complaining parent of Liberty Elementary School: If you do not like the school, take your child out. But do not criticize the school for one teacher’s mishap. My children go to LES, and it is a wonderful school. If you do not like it, find them somewhere else to go.

Come on, really? Just because one teacher lost it at Liberty Elementary School does not make it a bad school. If you are so upset with the school, find somewhere for your child to go. Do not blast the school and discriminate against the school just because one teacher did not do what she was supposed to do.

As a resident of the Briar Bay community and the city of Riceboro, I applaud the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office and the detectives for working so diligently to apprehend the suspects that were burglarizing the homes here. It’s too sad that you could not list the names of the persons because they were juveniles; in that case, I wish you would list the names of the parents.

I have been to all of Liberty’s games and noticed that there is always a row of reserved seats for the board of education, and only once has two seats been occupied by any board member. They sure don’t show much support for all of our good schools.

When you lie to win a race or anything, the Bible says: “All liars shall have their part in a lake of fire.” God bless you.

Why don’t we have a decent bus station here in Hinesville for our citizens and our troops and our families?

For the person that disapproves of Obama’s policies: He finally realizes the truth, that gay people are born gay and they have the same rights as other people. Gay people are loved by the Lord, because if you believe in the Lord, the Lord loves you. There should be no problem.

Please put in the Courier whether the people of Midway can go to the city hall or some place in Midway and vote, or do we still have to go to Fleming Baptist Church?

While America is the land of the free, and pushes democracy in other nations, we do not elect our own president. Two-hundred and seventy members of the electoral college do. What democracy? This is 18th-century federalism.

The only coach in football that can lose season after season and continue to maintain their job is Bradwell’s head coach.

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