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Sound off for Oct. 19

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So Liberty County did a good job keeping everyone informed about Hurricane Mathew, but they waited entirely too late having people evacuate. By the time they made the call, the other three states that had already evacuated took everything within hundreds of miles. There was no place for Liberty County citizens to go. When evacuations start, and a hurricane looks in our direction, we should have evacuated at the same time. If it had turned just a little bit to the west, we would all have been in some devastating situations.

As an online subscriber, I really missed not having an issue on Wed. Oct. 12. Was there no issue at all, or was it just not posted online?

Editor’s note: There was an issue and it has since been posted in our E-edition. The confusion of the hurricane’s aftermath and not having our usual internet access changed our schedules so it was overlooked. Sorry for the error.

Isn’t it funny, no Republicans’ emails have been hack? It sure sound like Watergate all over.

Hurricane Mathew has come and past, and Long County residences were forgotten. The subdivision that I live in had no water or power for four days. Where was our Emergency Management Department or our county commissioners? Both of them remind me of George Bush and FEMA in Katrina. Maybe it’s time to fire the Long emergency management officer for not doing his job, and on Nov. 8 voters need to vote the county commissioners out of office.

Hello, everyone; early voting starts this week. At the bottom of every selection there is a write-in section. Join me and write Chief Bernie Quarterman for Liberty County sheriff. Let’s make a possible change with him who has shown fairness, morals, ethics and integrity. This I am sure he can instill with change in the sheriff department.

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