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Sound off for Oct. 24
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I was so sorry to read that Poole’s Deli was closing. I wish Susan had announced it to the public so we could have gone for one last time. She served me, and then my daughter and then my granddaughters. It will sure be missed by this family; my son used to eat there every morning on his way to work.

To the caller who’s blaming President Obama because of the cuts in defense, they really should take civics 101. The president doesn’t pass a budget; it’s the Republican Congress that passed the budget. The only people we have to blame for the cuts in defense is our Republican Congress.

This is in response to the person that has written about the ignorant people that believe in Obama policies: They need to not get in a frenzy over that and get themselves upset, because in November, the right man will get into office. Oh, and did I mention it was Obama?

This is in reference to the person who responded to President Obama’s policy on gay rights. Yes, it is true that Jesus loves everyone; he loves child molesters, rapists, thieves, but do we condone their behavior? No, we don’t. Jesus loves everyone — that doesn’t mean that it’s OK to rape people, kill people, steal.

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