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Sound off for Oct. 25
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Well, I see that HLN, which I refer to the Heifers Lascivious News channel, has once again stirred up the rabble, resulting in pandering politicians creating yet another ridiculous law. Beware, taxpayer:  Anytime you see a law named after someone or something — ergo, Megan’s Law or the Patriot Act — get ready to give it up. This new one gives the co-conspirator $25,000 for every year they have been abducted after eight years. How they came up with that figure, one can only surmise.

In the baking bread at home article in Living Well, I wanted to use this recipe for the bread, but isn’t there a mistake in that they don’t put any kind of cooking oil or shortening or anything in bread? I’ve never made bread without oil or shortening. If there’s a mistake, be sure and correct it so I can make the bread recipe.
Editor’s note: The recipe published is exactly what the author provided.

One of my favorite fast-food stores has really disappointed me. The other day, I stopped to pick up some food, stood there and watched the guy put the stuff on a tray, put it in the microwave and heat it. Everything was pre-cooked. Oh, my gosh. This place used to make everything fresh. What a sad day for me.

I noted today on the Coastal Courier’s front page about the city council’s drawing a retirement plan … The Coastal Courier would do this city a real big service if they would publish the details concerning how long a councilman must be in office to get a retirement plan, and when he does, he or she, what are the ingredients — so many years, so many dollars, so many years, so many dollars — and for how long.

To the individual that stated the tea party should be held as a terrorist group: You’re about as nutty as they come, and you need to have a mental-health check.

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