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Sound off for Oct. 26
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If you’re not getting what you want at home, then just vote for Romney. Maybe then you’ll be able to have multiple choices.

I noticed on report cards, now they’re adding early dismissals. Are they going to put that on Parent Portal, too? That would make sense that way we can see absences, tardies and early dismissals, just like the report card.

I know you won’t print this, but I want to tell you who the atheists are in this country and who the people who hate Jesus are, you can tell because they’re voting for the Democrats. That’s OK, they’ll have to give an answer for it one day.

An added mill will cost senior citizens and low-income families a very, very, very hardship.

This is in response to the three Republicans that don’t know what they’re talking about that President Obama cuts the military: That might be true, but all the generals agree with him. And they do increase the pay for veterans, retirees and personnel. Only thing Republicans want to do is buy equipment and stuff that we don’t need and bring that on the president. The generals made the decision; stop reading the blogs and get informed.

The whole world is worried about money and economics, but money is not the key to the kingdom. There’s so many other problems like children as sex slaves, and men coming back from the war and homeless and have no food to eat and don’t know who they are. There are so many problems with children and drugs, and everyone is worried about economics and that’s not the key to heaven.

It would be a great benefit to the citizens of Hinesville to know how much money the city has spent on engineering since Simonton has been providing the service. I’m estimating about $8 million to $10 million. The city could save a lot of money if it had their own engineer.

It’s a sign of poor leadership and even poorer management any time the city has to hire a management firm to manage one of their departments. Hinesville Public Works has been managed by an outside firm for over 20 years, and it’s costing us millions of dollars.

Hinesville is supposed to be a military town. I remember coming through during the Gulf War, it was like a ghost town. I said that to say this: It is a shame that our soldiers don’t have a decent bus station in Hinesville. They have to go all the way to Fleming to catch a bus.

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