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Sound off for Oct. 26

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Someone I was talking to said they were going to get two signs, one for Trump and one from Clinton, and display them upside down. Neither one of them is fit to serve as president of the United States.

Dr. Lee and school board members, when planning the next school calendar please consider there are a lot of civilian and military families that are transitioning here from other states that don’t finish school until June. Those families don’t get much of a break when classes start here Aug. 1.

To the caller who said the Riceboro mayor could learn a lot about public service from Councilman Stacy: While the councilman was posting on Facebook, the mayor and other council members were out working trying to restore service in the city.

My husband just said the Georgia Bulldogs just don’t look too smart right now. I thought I’d call that in to ya’ll.

It takes a lot of courage to report a possible rapist if you’re not sure if the child is lying or not. Maybe you’ll lose a friend. But maybe you saved a child’s life. Sometimes you have to do the hard things in life.

The mosquitoes are the worst they’ve been in years. Please spray now, especially around James Brown Park, ballfields, tennis courts, schools and churches.
As for the man talking ’bout people sitting home during the storm: Some of us couldn’t leave our home. We have pets or bed-ridden family members who we had no way to move, or no place to go with them. Some people didn’t have cars to make it to a bus to get out of town, or no money. So yeah, some of us had no choice but to stay home.

Remembering: ‘member Chewbacca? ‘member the good ol’ days? Can’t we just go back to them?

How can so many of the American people not see the problem with cheating taxpayers and calling it “smart”? Notable — insurance fraud, tax evasion, refusal to pay for services rendered — are just a few of the things that turn my stomach a lot more than holding back on emails which have not cost the American people a dime! Neither is right, but which has impacted your hard work and made a mockery of work ethics?

Hey, county commissioners when is Gum Branch going to get its SPLOST meeting? Are you afraid it’s going to storm? When are we going to get to hear what’s so great about it?

Is it true, as I’ve heard, the Red Cross was handing out supplies across Midway, Riceboro and in the county. The Red Cross, fire department and police department had supplies, food and flashlights during the storm. But how were we to know, with the power out no one could call us.

Many parents are upset because the school board decided to do iPads without even a vote of the parents. Now teachers can’t teach without iPads, no books are allowed and the kids can’t learn or review their books because there are no books. It’s really a shame, the system goes down and we can’t have school.

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