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Sound off for Oct. 28
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Here are some of the issues area reisdents are discussing. The statements were phoned in anonymously, so the Courier does not vouch for their veracity, nor do we know what motivated the callers:


As a resident of Long County, any loss of life on our roads is unfortunate and creates a lot of sorrow. But when we fight for signs and all that, I see them stolen, shot up, run over by graders and spray painted. That causes loss of life and tax money too. They need to start prosecuting.

Somebody needs to look at the parking situation at Liberty Hospital. Too many folks park on the curbs. They are two-way roadways and should not be blocked. Emergency vehicles should always be able to get through.

This is to the person who tore down my mailbox on Japonica Drive: Please come back and get the rest of your car before I find you.

I was at the tax office trying to pay my tag bill. After standing there 10 minutes, one of the clerks was on her cell phone and another was reading a book. That’s poor customer service. I do, though, want to thank the tag supervisor for acknowledging me.

After eight years of Bush and Cheney, President Obama should be given 10 Nobel Peace Prizes.

These people that wear their trousers far below their waistlines, are they just trying to show their bottoms?

Thanks, Bucky Keel, for the letter about the board of education. People wake up, attend their meetings. Too often it’s just teachers and staff at the meetings.

OK, Fort Stewart needs to quit using soldiers as their public relations firm because the slogans they are coming up with just don’t make sense. Don’t drink and drive, stay in the fight. Not catchy, not memorable, just blah.

The LCDA must be ecstatic with the near completion of the multi-million dollar columns on the west side of the entrance of Tradeport East. Now they can plant trees to hide them like they did on the east side.

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