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Sound off for Oct. 3
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I just read Friday’s article on the Backpack Buddies program, it’s a great idea — really poorly executed. To call these foods healthy is absurd. They’re sodium and sugar-laden junk. Please consult a nutritionist and stop contributing to childhood obesity. It’s for our kids.

You can tell that the soldiers and their families are on the move. The developments are filling up with abandoned animals. This county should really put animal registration in place and micro-chipping so that these pet owners can be held accountable for their actions.

It is a sad day when our schools will no longer allow a youth pastor to talk to teenagers. Wake up, Hinesville, our kids need a savior.

It’s a shame, I was reading the Sound off about Long County’s teacher’s dress code and it’s the truth. It’s a shame how teachers are coming out dressed and nothing is done about it. Back in the day, teachers looked up to par, but now you can dress any kind of way you want to and have a dress code for the kids.

I was calling in reference to the gentleman who’s cheating on his wife with his coworker. It’s a known fact that she thinks he is her angel. And she’s got a kid and he’s got four kids; what kind of example are they setting for their kids?

We’ve got Southern Baptist preachers in Gum Branch disrespecting the pulpit by wearing polo shirts to preach on the pulpit on Sunday morning. I’ve never heard of such a thing.

If all these political commercials are telling the truth, then is anybody qualified to run, or is it like my dad said back in the 50s: Is any of them telling the truth?

It’s sad that a group of Chinese delegates come to visit, and the mayor rents a bus to transport them around instead of using a city bus. The delegates were put up at a hotel in Flemington instead of inside Hinesville, and when they were taken shopping, they were driven to Savannah to spend their money at a jewelry store there. All this attention to the Chinese, and city employees have not received a raise in three years. This mayor should be full of shame and the taxpayers absolutely livid.

Why don’t you people on Butter Blount Road grow up and quit acting like kids and leave those people alone? Let them live their lives in peace. Grow up, you’re teaching your kids the same way. Every day it’s something.

I’ve noticed in the past few weeks there have been numerous young gentlemen running on Main Street without shirts on. Is that permissible? If they’re a member of some sports team at one of the schools, I think their coaches need to tell them how inappropriate that looks.

Mr. President, you have been a president for four years now, and this last year you spent campaigning. Why didn’t you work on fixing the economy? Why have you wasted time, and how can we trust you that in the next four years you’re going to do something instead of campaigning or riding around in your plane?

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