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Sound off for Oct. 3

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To the caller saying Johnny and Buddy are good for this area. What happened to the 4th Brigade? It went to Fort Hood, Texas. Johnny voted to cut military retirement. They both voted party line which hurt all the federal employees and retirees in the area. There are 20,000 plus federal employees, military and civilian retirees in the 1st District, which is the most in the state of Georgia. They both have not denounced Trump - so I ask, why are they putting party before country. It time to tell them both, you’re fired!

Here in America we have the right to choose whether we sit or stand during the anthem. Patriotism should not be forced. You know who else enforced patriotism? The Nazis.

I have two questions: 1. With all the local talent we have in Hinesville, why aren’t they used to perform? Every year I hear everything but blues music. 2. Why do we have to wait until after 5 P.M. to buy BBQ at a BBQ festival? Something needs to change!

I am so tired of these parents, teachers, and paras complaining! Maybe you are the problem! The energy you spend in complaining could go towards being a better parent and a better educator! Educators if you are so unhappy then go find another job! Every job has its challenges, teaching just has a totally different type of challenges that other jobs do. I bet you’re the teachers in the building that try to suck all the positive vibes out! The worst person to be around is one who complains about everything and appreciates nothing.

Why is it that the middle schools in Liberty County seem to think that activities normally associated with high school (homecoming, class rings) should be done with children that are still years away from those traditional rights of passage? If it weren’t for very specific requirements I think our middle schools would try to have JROTC and AP classes.

I have called the police department several (at least five on one address) times about a safety hazard on neighborhood streets. I have been told that if anything dangerous exists in the neighborhood to call them. It has to do with kids playing in the middle of the street impeding traffic and their basketball hoop protruding onto the street. The police show up, tell them to move the hoop and that’s it. A week later the same thing happens. I have sent emails to the chief of police, the city manager and the mayor but have gotten no response.

Saw this in the Savannah paper’s Vox and thought it applied to some employers in Liberty County: Age discrimination in hiring is a serious issue. They are not all sickly or unable to embrace modern ideas. Get over it people and hire some of us. We just want to make it to retirement and then you can have it.

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