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Sound off for Oct. 31
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I live on a Long County farm, and my three small dogs are, for their own protection, fenced in. To those who abandon dogs and cats in the country, a bullet to their head is more humane than dumping them in the country. Coyotes, wildlife cats, snakes and gators aren’t friendly to pampered and then abandoned pets.

I went to early voting today and was treated very rudely by the lady who was passing out cards. Also, other people who came in after me were called ahead of me. Behind me sat a group who openly and loudly discussed the debate and what a great job their candidate did. What is wrong with this picture?

To the person that wrote that if you voted for Obama, you’re not of God: Who are you to tell who is of God? Are you of God? You cannot judge anyone like that; it will not sway my vote one way or the other. I already voted; I voted for Obama, and I am of God. Crazy people.

You did an excellent write-up on Commission Chairman McIver in the Liberty Life magazine fall edition. Many people have approached me asking me to give him their compliments on the article and photos. Good job.

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