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Sound off for Oct. 5
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When you go to vote at the polls, remember: You want all kids to work, no matter who they are. You want jobs for all. And when everybody’s got jobs, everybody’s working, they take care of their own family. We don’t have to ask for handouts for their own family, because we take care of our own, and that’s what America’s about.

I hope the commanders and NCOs at Fort Stewart are telling their troops to start spending less and start saving money, because after the second of January, they may not get paid. Or have their pay cut by the U.S. government and the Republican Party. Same as the military retirees.

I just want to comment about Arnold Drive being changed to Arnall Drive, how “a wrong was righted.” Well, in my opinion, a wrong was not righted — a wrong that needs to be righted would be that we have no drainage in front of our homes because of the drainage ditches being too small, or maybe the trashy, trashy, terribly run-down trailer parks that you see when you turn onto Arnall Drive. Those are my concerns.

I really think that at Liberty Elementary School, parents need to have a demonstration and take our children out of the school system until they get things straightened out where teachers have better self-control and better dress. Things are just out of line.

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