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Sound off for Oct. 5

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It is so sad to know that the society that we’re living in today — people are so jealous. When they see you’re doing good or have a business, they don’t wanna do business with you because they think that you’re gonna prosper. But we all know that our prosperity and our good deeds come from God almighty. It’s not what you give that person, it’s what God do. So don’t be so selfish, people of God.

In reference to the Bradwell football coaches, they can only do so much with the talent that they have. They can’t make chicken salad out of chicken soup. Give ’em a break. They sling people instead of tackling. They don’t do the basics I’m sure they’re taught.

What use is it to have a Republican candidate debate and none of them will answer the question that is directed to them? (inaudible) … our politics that American people wanna know the answer to the questions.

As I’m sitting here and listening to the Republican debate, these guys are like, they can change the Supreme Court justices anytime they want to. The Supreme Court justices is a lifetime appointment, so it’s more probable than not that these Supreme Court justices are gonna outlast the president. You can’t change that kind of stuff.

Come on, Walthourville citizens. You want to know the truth about your city? Come to your City Hall with any questions. Open records are available on a daily basis. Don’t listen to the candidates running for election; come to the City Hall — we have the answers.

County commissioner and sheriff: You have a county lieutenant deputy sheriff hanging out at the city public-works office disturbing work. Doesn’t he have a job to do, other than to campaign? Can you find him something to keep him busy, for which the taxpayers are paying him for?

We do not need a Kroger Marketplace. If you’re going to build another Kroger, build a Kroger grocery store along with its gas station so we don’t have to go to Richmond Hill.
A shout-out to all my neighbors in Heritage Estates on Cowart Road, Hinesville, Georgia, and a special shout-out to the neighbor that came and rang the doorbell and told me our music was too loud. Thank you, neighbors, so much for not calling the police on us.
 I’ve called in four Sound offs in the last month. One was about our traveling city officials on their yearly paid vacations, and the other on veteran issues; none have been published in your fish wrap. Today, Sunday (Sept. 20), we see three — count them, three. I only subscribe to your paper for the Sound offs and for my bird cage. Coastal Courier, you’re a big disappointment.

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