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Sound off for Oct. 5

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I have been reading this newspaper for 18 years and feel as though enough time has passed that I should start reading more intelligent, comprehensive comments in Sound off. Whenever I have visitors from more educated, civilized and densely populated areas, they ask if the column is serious.

After an election how long will it take for those who did not win the race to remove their political signs out of neighborhoods?

I called the city about the potholes on Kelly Drive and that other road that goes all the way out to Airport Road where they got all that construction about a week ago, before that fellow had his tires busted on that road.

We need some good doctors to come into Midway so we don’t have to go all the way into Hinesville, Richmond Hill or Savannah. Georgia, get us a doctor in here or doctors, more than one.

Editor’s note: The proposed SPLOST includes funding for a clinic at Tradeport East.

That person from Riceboro should be the one out there installing those 500 meters. Since you didn’t get any votes in the election, you spend all your time complaining about the mayor and his staff.

Not all employees at Lyman Hall Elementary are unhappy. We are working hard to make this a positive learning environment. We work as a team and support our administrators as they support us. Our new principal does a wonderful job and has a great vision for the school.

Congratulations to One Stop Liquor Store for being voted number one liquor store in Liberty County.

Looking at that thing in North Carolina: Back in my day, looters would be shot. Whether they were white, black or Chinese or Japanese, looting is a major crime.

Tiny houses are the next biggest thing. Please, home builders, consider building a community of tiny homes for people like my husband myself who are empty-nester who don’t want to go into condos, which seem to be the only things available in Liberty and Long counties.

Is Lyman Hall the only school in Liberty County that the staff has to work until 3:15 even on Fridays?

Is Bradwell going to have an open house for parents, like they did last year? It was very beneficial for parents and each year brings new things. And I want to give big kudos out to the teacher and administrators who put it on.

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