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Sound off for Oct. 7
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This is in reference to the caller talking about President Obama being bashed for “Bush’s mess.” Nobody has to remind us about President Obama being bad, he tells us whose problem it was. Read the word of God, and you’ll find out the things that President Obama stands for are not in God’s word. Abortion and gay marriage. It’s wrong; it’s from the pits of hell.

Hinesville is crying about getting more troops, when what they really need is a Denny’s and a Zaxby’s. Richmond Hill has two Waffle Houses within a mile of each other.

Is it right to speak wrong things about another, to show blatant disrespect to the leader of your country? When we were given rights, they were the rights of others. Would you speak wrong to your boss, teacher or minister? Our freedoms were given for the right things, not just to do or say whatever you want to do.

To the Walthourville councilman who’s over the fire department: the fire department is a volunteer thing. They are very displeased with your actions. The new councilman doesn’t know how to talk to the firefighters of Walthourville.

New leadership in the public works department has downsized the number of employees by at least 12, and the appearance of the city reflects that change. In the meantime, our elected city leaders sit back while this contract with CH2M-Hill pockets all the savings.

Under the current leadership, Hinesville will remain a one-horse town minus the one horse.

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