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Sound off for Sep. 4

These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can neither verify sources nor their motives.

Riceboro City Hall closes at 4:30 p.m. Why are maintenance workers out after 7 p.m.? I do not see any extra or special maintenance projects going on. How long does it take to replace water meters? Do we even have 500 customers total in the city? If so, is it enough to warrant paid overtime for all of those workers?

So the city of Riceboro voted to purchase equipment to operate a mosquito control truck. Well the mosquitos have kept up their end of the deal and are present; however, there is no mosquito truck in sight for the city. Where is the truck? Is this the kind of thing you spend the city’s money on? I could think of way better things that are needed.

The politicians who are saying the government is coming for your guns are coming for your social security.  

Why would the school system send a truck load of usable tables and other school furnishings and equipment to the dump? Why not Goodwill or the auctions like the school system used to do? This is a waste of taxpayer money.

When is the paper going to write another story on Elaine Boggs? It’s not like you need to wait for a trial. It basically let her be judge and jury in the last article. Maybe you’re waiting for her anniversary to pass, since it was such an important part of the last article.

Did you know that our county commissioners, in 2008 voted to buy a marina with our tax dollars, for $1 million. But the land wasn’t worth half that. In a time when the economy was bad. Vote No on SPLOST until they start remembering whose money they are spending.

Do your children eat lunch at Lyman Hall Elementary? Come by and have lunch with them. They spend more time in line than they do eating. Why is this? Who made this schedule? I was so disappointed when I went to eat lunch with my child in 2nd grade.

It’s no wonder Joseph Martin has a high turnover of teachers and parapros each year. The adminstrators let a certain parapro hang out in her friend’s classroom everyday while the rest of the parapros are doing their assigned duties. All teachers need help, but there is only one with a full time parapro - her BFF.  It’s funny how the parapro has made that teacher’s classroom the ISS room. I’m sure this doesn’t happen at any other school.

Doing it again Liberty county school district. Implementing more programs and initiatives! Just let teachers teach!!

Vote yes to Gov. Deal’s Opportunity School District proposal! Looking at those who are against it (Dr. Lee, school board members, etc.) is enough to make me support it. The school system needs to be cleaned out. Lots of new technology and programs, but still a lot of the same old (stuff). We need change that our crooked BOE and superintendent can’t bring.

The paper covered the closed NAACP meeting with elected officials and local leaders a while back. Apparently, our elected officials and leaders were asked to go against the Governor and not support Opportunity School Districts. I would urge our leaders to exercise caution before jumping on a bandwagon with our BOE. The school system is falling apart and it needs serious reform (something wifi hotspots and iPads can’t solve).

It is time for Bradwell Institute to change softball coaches. They cannot win a game. They do not instruct the girls to get them better. They just lost three games to Richmond Hill being out scored 46-0. It is horrible to watch. It is so bad that a girl switched to Liberty High School to play ball.  

Len Calderone, please leave Midway alone. The people voted and they didn’t want you. If Midway’s that bad, just move.

If public officials want to sell SPLOST this time around, why don’t they mention using the funds for something positive like the animal shelter. That’s always needs funds and it would be a kind thing to do.

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