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Sound off for Sept. 12

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Is it still Walsh’s fault?

Do cars in Hinesville come with the turn signal installed? I only ask because it seems no one knows what in the world that little stick on their steering wheel is for. I am thinking of opening a charity for citizens who can’t afford to install a turn signal in their car.

Parents you need to step up to the plate and take education seriously. You expect teachers to do it all. Did you forget you are your child’s first teacher? There’s only so much they can do, take your rightful place. Read and work with your child at home, teach them morals and values. Stop always wanting to blame a teacher for something YOU’RE not doing. What makes you think a teacher can perform a miracle? Not!!!

Not standing for the anthem is a crime. You need to stand and idolize our flag like everyone else.

This is to the coward that damaged my mail box. You thought you got away clean, but you just added to your low life tactics. Remember this, I cannot stop you from coming again, but I can promise you will never do this again to anyone. Forest Street is not a drag strip. We have kids playing and riding bicycles and enjoying our freedom. Go help our brave men and women that are keeping us safe and we are sick of your kind, coward.

The mayor of Riceboro mentioned in a regularly scheduled council meeting for someone to get comparisons in regards to employee 401K. Did he get comparisons for the administration’s ridiculous pay increase?

If you vote down SPLOST that means that you stop the flow of money that the Sheriff’s Department depends on to carry out their daily routine, like harassment, and nasty attitude from the deputies. Overspending by our county officials. People don’t carse what you think until you effect their pockets. Vote No On SPLOST.

Republican sheriff’s candidate, come from behind your computer screen and tell the county why you "resigned" from SSU. They deserve to know the truth.

Our Board of Commissioners voted to buy land for a marina, that was at least three hundred to four hundred dollars more than it was worth, and they didn’t ask our opinion, that was 2008.They voted to build an airport, they didn’t ask for our opinion then. The only reason they are having meetings now is they need us but they didn’t need us to get us into the debt we are in. History shows that they can care less. There was a citizen advisory group a few years ago and they didn’t listen to them at all. Vote down SPLOST and I bet they will start knocking on your doors then, just like they did when they wanted your vote. VOTE DOWN SPLOST!!!!!

In my travels today around Hinesville I came upon a large red dumpster behind the Tractor Supply store on Highway 84. I got excited because there were some bicycle tires sticking out. I pulled up and unashamedly began a dumpster diving expedition. I was able to pull two bikes and throw them in my truck. There must have been at least 50 brand new bicycles in that huge dumpster. As I pondered what to do with my new found wealth I took a closer look at the two I had rescued. Lo and behold, they had been cut in half with a saw in critical areas to render them useless. I have never been so angry. They could have been donated or raffled or lent out or something but instead, they cut them in half. If I could get 5-6 volunteers and a good welder, I would rescue them all and donate them. Please share this story.

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