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Sound off for Sept. 14
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Why is it that only members of the Hinesville mafia can get their roads paved in front of their house in Hinesville?

Isnt it wonderful how Snelson-Golden Middle School gives each child a set to keep at home? When my daughter told me that, I was amazed. Thank you, SGMS!

When are they going to get a red light in front of the IGA in Ludowici? This is ridiculous are they going to wait until somebody else gets killed there?

I have a question to all married couples: Why would a man cheat when he has a good woman at home? Why would he sleep with his coworker? Why would he spend more time with her than he does at home? Im just curious. Its not because his wife is ugly, she is beautiful but hed rather be with his coworker than with what he has at home. And his coworker knows, and she has no respect for herself.

Id like to say that I thought that doctors were supposed to help people, and not turn them away if they didnt have insurance. I think its a real shame that people without insurance dont get the same care as people with insurance.

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