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Sound off for Sept. 14

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The person who wants to remove Johnny and Buddy from office should look into the record for Georgia and Fort Stewart. They are outstanding. They are the kind of people we want in office.

I just read the story about the county saying no to the rezoning for the group home. And I’ve seen the signs the city has put up at the gazebo where the homeless used to hang out. I’m just wondering what kind of message the government is trying to send to the less fortunate.

Oh, Donald Trump, everybody loves you. And guess what, you have made the Republican Party so good. So good that you won’t have another GOP president for 20 years. Republican party, you’re done. Stick a fork in it. You’re done until you get some younger, educated leaders.

Mr. Whitmore, instead of calling it democratic socialist party, call it what it really is, communist democratic party, which is what we have running the country now. Under communism, nobody get ahead.

I was at the city council meeting Thursday and it was a joke. The two women look at each other and vote together. This is the worst council we’ve had since I’ve been in Hinesville. It’s not very professional. With the comments we heard fout in the audience it was ridiculous. It’s just a few on the council that’s not doing what they are supposed to do.

Lyman Hall: Dr. Valya Lee and/or the BOE needs to visit our school and speak privately to staff members. Everyone’s unhappy except the new man. Unless things change, there will be a mass exodus.

The school board needs to quit worrying about what everyone else thinks of them and what the so called numbers show. You basically have to commit a crime at school to get in trouble. The kids know that they get numerous chances before they get in trouble. As a substitute I see how these kids talk to their teachers and show disrespect. After 10 verbal warnings, nothing happens and the behavior continues. Discipline referrals get tossed aside because we don’t want the "numbers" to show that our students misbehave. Give me a break!

I am writing in reference to the article about school discipline. Of course we are going to have a higher percentage than the state average in relation to school discipline referrals and black males receiving the majority of them. Just look at the demographics of Liberty County. Why does everything have to be a race issue? If students knew how to behave and respect their teachers then they wouldn’t receive referrals to begin with!

Two paras at Lyman Hall have walked off the job. The teachers and custodians are next. Those who can’t leave now, will be requesting transfers.

I do not understand why the taxpayers of Long County should pay to correct the stormwater problems at Crawford subdivision. This problem is the developers or the homeowners’ problem, not the taxpayers. Why did our county engineer, planning department or code enforcement not catch this problem? Were they in bed with the developer? If tax dollars are used to correct this problem, then everyone in the county engineer, planning and code enforcement department should be fired and legal action against the developer should be taken. Maybe Crawford subdivision homeowners should have a storm water fee to pay for the repairs.

Parents you need to step up to the plate and take education seriously. You expect teachers to do it all. Did you forget you are your child’s first teacher? There’s only so much they can do, take your rightful place. Read and work with your child at home, teach them morals and values. Stop always wanting to blame a teacher for something You’re not doing. What makes you think a teacher can perform a miracle? Not!

Not standing for the anthem is a CRIME. You need to stand and idolize our flag like everyone else.

If you don’t support gay marriage, you don’t support equality. Plain and simple.

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