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Sound off for Sept. 16
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How come teachers are teaching kids one way and testing them another way? That’s not fair, you should teach them and test them the right way.

Judging from your anti-Romney political cartoons you’ve been running lately, I can tell that your balanced coverage of this presidential election has gone out the window. Wake up!

Why does the AP and the PX and the Walmart censor people’s reading? I went there trying to find the new book, “No Hard Day,” and I was told they were not allowed to sell this book. Sounds like censorship. I would appreciate if you ask them why, and who gave them that right to censor what we can read?

I’m calling concerned parents that stay in Midway. I’m concerned about what’s happened down on Bill Carter Road. They have kids down there that are using alcohol and using drugs, and this weekend they had a shooting down there that nobody reported on. This is constantly going on, and I’m concerned because sooner or later someone is going to get hurt down there.

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