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Sound off for Sept. 19
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I have a complaint, and I think there are a lot of people in the same boat with me. Both my husband and I take multiple medications, but the pharmacist somewhere along the line has quit putting what the medication is for. How many people would like to get a shout-out to get the pharmacists to put what the medication is for on the medicine bottle?

It is really sad that the insert about the football here in Liberty County has on the second page the Tigers coaches in blue, and on the last page, it has the Liberty County High coaches also titled Tigers Coaches. Considering that Bradwell lost again, like always.

Democratic National Convention: It shouldn’t take more than a couple hours to talk about how they messed the economy up and ran the deficit up triple what it was when it started, and the unemployment rates are bad. That shouldn’t take ‘em that long. It’ll save a lot of money.

Hinesville, beware. There is a lady going around here in town claiming that she is recruiting students for Georgia Southern. She is going into the businesses and asking for donations, saying that the donation is to help one of the girls that’s going to the college with her baby’s illness. Do not believe her. That is a flim-flam. She’s not for real. I’ve called the school; Bradwell said they never heard of her.

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