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Sound off for Sept. 21

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To the person from Riceboro expressing opinions about city workers. Stop throwing rocks and hiding your hand. Come to a council meeting and face those in charge. They maybe can tell you how long it takes to put in 500 meters. And you said "all" those workers. There are only five.

What is Aleppo?

SPLOST should not be used to create debt. Money should only be used to collect it.

We are told that if SPLOST is not passed we will see a large increase in property tax. What we are not being told is that if it passes whether we’ll see a large increase anyway.

When was the last time a smartphone or computer repaired your toilet, air conditioning or porch railing? We should all be thankful there are still people who can work with their hands, like plumbers, mechanics and carpenters.

Not standing for the flag, is a crime? Are you kidding me? People need to focus on standing for God and quit idolizing material things. The flag is just a piece of cloth. Let’s stand for justice and righteousness for all people, and for people’s right to protest.

Congrats to the new guy at Lyman Hall taking the place of the old guy at Bradwell as most popular administrator.

Behavior is horrible in the Liberty County schools. The PBIS Behavior Continuum is the most useless thing ever used in a classroom. It allows the students too many chances before any consequence can be given (green, yellow, orange, blue, purple, red at LHE). These students are smart enough to learn how far they can go before they receive any type of consequence, and the teachers are made to plead their case to administration of why the student received an office referral (even when that particular child is well known for their behavior). The teachers are made to believe that they are just picking on the student or pushing their buttons.

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