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Sound off for Sept. 21
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Here  are some of the issues that area residents are discussing. The statements were phoned in anonymously, so the Courier does not vouch for their veracity, nor do we know what motivated the caller:

In the states that have Republican governors, they really should turn FEMA down when there are disasters because they don’t like big government and they don’t want you to spend money that they feel is unnecessary because they have it all under control. Turn it down and give it to the poor and needy in states where Democratic governors rule.

Get well to Autumn Mitchell, who is a classmate of mine. She has been going to school for 13 years without missing one day of school. This past Monday, she had to miss her first day due to illness and will have surgery Friday. Get well soon, Autumn, and come back to school. We love you.

Why do you people not want to see other families healthy? You love drama. You love to see people having problems. You love to see people divorcing. You love to see people arguing. All you people just like to see evil in the world. That’s nothing but the devil at work. You need to get right with yourself.

If you local yokels think I’m going to lose my place, you’ve got another thing coming. Before I let one of you local people get my place — my home, my land — I will sell it to a foreigner — a Mexican, anybody — for a dollar or $5 before I let one of you local yokels get it.

I would like for the Courier to do an article on the two odd-looking people who wear rags and diapers in Walmart. He sits in the restaurant and counts his money like he doesn’t have enough. It makes me fearful of people who are so out of the ordinary in such a way.

To the Sound off caller concerning high school sports, if wins and losses were going to determine whether a coach was going to stay and lose, then surely one of our high school football coaches would have been gone a long time ago. That is not the case and never has been the case. Because when there was one high school, we still did not have a state championship team.

We expect more from Sound off than what we’re seeing. Are the people sick or on vacation who put Sound off together? Give us a good, big, long column. There’s enough people out there calling in, I’m sure.

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