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Sound off for Sept. 23
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Here are some of the issues that area residents are discussing. The statements were phoned in anonymously, so the Courier does not vouch for their veracity, nor do we know what  motivated the callers:

When fuel’s down to $3.36 in Savannah, why can’t they do the same in Hinesville?

It’s voting time again in Long County. All these signs say, “Want a change? Tired of it? Vote for me.” I say, vote for no one for the good old boys because we need a change for real. Let’s bring somebody from outside this county to get in and get in good.

If judges and police officers take an oath to uphold the law and they do favors, they shouldn’t be judges or police officers at all.

Two of your best columns in the paper are the calendar and Sound off. And now Sound off is just nothing much. Please get back in Sound off and give us a good long column.

Watch your potatoes at the grocery store. Kroger has the russets on sale and the Idaho potatoes not on sale in the same bin and you will pay more for the Idahos than for the russets. I did.

Voters in Ludowici, let’s vote out the council members who have family on city payroll. Also, we have two running for mayor who have relatives who are council members. Let’s stop this nepotism in Ludowici.

Our feeder program is just an excuse for a coach that’s not getting the job done. How many Savannah schools have feeder programs and they’re beating Bradwell now? So what’s the excuse?

The reason that there’s only one African-American working at the Richmond Hill military clinic is probably because only one African American who applied was qualified. It’s not always about race, people.

I heard the feeder system story for 15 years. Change must start at the top. Then a successful feeder program can be built.

What good are feeder schools when you can’t motivate the kids to play for high schools once they get there?

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