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Sound off for Sept. 26
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Last week, I went to the state police station to renew my drivers’ license, which I had for five years. I was told to first prove I was a citizen of the United States and lived in Georgia for two years. Duh! It was a Georgia drivers’ license expiring this month.

It’s time for people to realize that the Civil War is over, and we in the United States are going to need strength, not color. The people across the water are looking for Americans; they don’t care about your color just so long as they kill you.

With the replacement of traffic lights throughout Hinesville, why aren’t turn signals being put in at MLK and 84? There have been so many accidents from vehicles eastbound on 84 left turning onto MLK, or westbound on 84 turning left onto Fraser Drive.

Several vehicles, to include cars, school buses and trucks can be observed making right turn on red arrows after stopping at Gen. Screven and Highway 84. Georgia Code clearly states no turn on red arrow unless authorized marking such.

I think the city of Hinesville has finally done it. That mural is the ugliest — well, I can’t say ugliest thing I’ve ever seen — but it sure is close to the top. I think they just need to repaint that thing blue and leave it at that. Get rid of that ugly, ugly thing.

How can a school think it’s a recycling school when it uses a thousand Styrofoam trays a day to eat in?

Someone left a comment regarding the Hinesville mafia, and we just want to know: How do you get in? We want in!

Shame on the board of education for not allowing the Bradwell coaches to discipline the football players. Sounds to me like there’s some boys that need to be kicked off the team.

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