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Sound off for Sept. 26
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The Sound off with the unprofessional at the school, I think it might be a Southern thing that we use “baby” or “sugar.” I use “baby” or “sugar” to all my grandchildren, and they’re grown now, most of them. It might not be acceptable, these things, but the way we are down South here, we’re going to say “baby,” we’re going to say “sugar,” we’re going to say “darling.’”
Liberty  County has some of the most complaining, unsatisfied parents I have ever seen within a school system. If school lunches are that horrible, just allow your children to take their lunch. Or get a job in the cafeteria preparing the meals yourself.
Hinesville might as well give up on the city council. They will not respond when you call or even take a picture and show them. They’re understaffed, and the inspections department, the city manager, the council members, you can never get hold of them. One of them, that I know of in my district, has no email address that the public knows about. I’m sure he has one because he never misses going to lunch some place.
A certain AAFES manager better be careful about spreading rumors about other employees. This is not professional.

I cannot believe teachers are not fighting back about the Common Core history book, what they’re teaching in history now. It says, according to the Constitution, Second Amendment, only a militia can bear arms. Also, the people in the American Revolution and WWII were all very bad people. They’re changing the history of America.

I agree that the city does not enforce its own ordinances, yet they have two code-enforcement officers that sit around and only chase contractors who cut down trees.

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