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Sound off for Sept. 26

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To those who had the foresight to lower their flags to half-mast today in memory of those who passed at 9/11 I give a heartfelt thank you. For those of you who were complacent or didn’t lower their flags for whatever reason, shame on you.

I appreciate HPD for clearing up some of this gang violence over here off Pineland. Is there an anti-gang unit in HPD? Us citizens would like to know.

If you believe in prayer, please pray for our presidential nominees that they would lead peaceful and positive campaigns.

It is so dark on the other end of Salisbury Way. When it’s dark at night you can hardly see. City Hall, please do something about it. We need another street light. Please help.

If our tax dollars are paying the tax commissioner’s salary to collect delinquent taxes then why isn’t it happening? And where are our county commissioners on this issue? And does the grand jury even get a report on this anymore?

Are all the Zika mosquitoes just hanging out in the Midway area, or can we get a mosquito truck up here in Hinesville?

Are the different colored headlights on vehicles even legal? Those blue ones are so bright, when one of them gets behind you they’ll tear your eyeballs up, especially if they are on bright.

For what it’s worth, the Board of Education needs to wake up! Teachers are stretched to their max! Whose bright idea was it for students to be suspended and be allowed to make up work? You’re running your teachers ragged! Where are all the former educators that were voted in the Board? Surely someone besides Marcus Scott can stand up!

I am a black male in Liberty County, and I’ll be voting Republican for sheriff and chairman. All our sheriff and chairman do is talk, just like most our elected officials.

At least once this month, Two restaurants displayed a deal only to announce during the ordering process that it’s no longer available. Take the signs down or honor your advertisement.

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