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Sound off for Sept. 3
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To the people in Holmestown, wake up. The county commissioner was wrong for disbarring Carolyn Baker off the rec board. It was wrong. Carolyn Baker is from Holmestown. She did a wonderful job for the kids.

To the person who is complaining about giving at church, giving the pastor $200: If you don’t like what’s going on in that church, stay out of it. Don’t come when you need help paying your bills or you need some food.

Just wondering why Winn Army Community Hospital no longer gives four-day weekends on the holidays. It seems like they’re forcing everybody to have furloughs, but they can’t give four-day weekends anymore, which would save them lots of money.

I think it’s inappropriate for the schools to be showing first- and second-graders a movie about the death of Martin Luther King. Kids at this age know very little about race hatred, and I don’t think this is the time for them to understand. Why are we teaching kids about hate when they’re that young? Kids came home crying after seeing this movie.

Does our board of education wonder why so many teachers are leaving Snelson-Golden and moving to Lewis Frasier? Maybe it’s because crucifixion seems to be legal at Snelson-Golden.

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