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Sound Off for Sept. 3

These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can neither verify sources nor their motives. Call 876-3733 to leave a message.

I would like to say that Mrs. Becky Carter, what she’s saying about the contract about it should have been started on the July work agenda, I agree with Mrs. Becky Carter. She is 100 percent correct. I say to Mrs. Becky Carter, I’m sorry that you’re leaving the board because you were always checking things to make sure it was run right.

I’m in favor of the school-board superintendent Dr. Lee’s contract be reinstated to the $170,000 annually that expires on the 16th, 2016, and at that time it be publicized, negotiations negotiated for a new contract, and this be null and void, the one that was not put on the agenda for the school board. That’s our highest taxes in Liberty County, and we can see why that someone making $90,000 vs. $170,000. At $190,000, that’s $91 an hour, and I don’t see where Liberty County can afford to pay that.

I want to thank to the GeoVista Credit Union on Highway 84 for failing their stakeholders. You still have not built the credit union that was promised. You’ve allowed other credit unions through and to be built in this area so we’re losing money, us stakeholders. And again, all you ever hear is the same thing for the last two years: “We’re looking at engineers, we’re looking at, we’re looking at it, we’re looking at it, we’re looking at it.” I think it’s time to build the credit union and get it started.

You’re still furloughing teachers, teachers and staff can’t get a raise, but you give a superintendent a $20,000 raise, and then you don’t get it in the minutes? Sounds fishy, school board.

We have not even been in school for three weeks, and what’s going on with our school system, with three elementary kids have been dropped off to the wrong bus stop and brought back to the school by strangers? Liberty County buses, you guys need to get it together. Make sure these kids get home safe.

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