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Sound off for Sept. 30
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I am very upset by the fact that we spent $7 million to redo Olvey Field, and we can’t get rid of a losing coach. It’s a real embarrassment to have a stadium like that and a football team that doesn’t have the quality of leadership to guide it to being a team of recognition. If anything, it’s a total embarrassment. Walsh has got to go.

I thank God for the brave politicians that stick their necks out for a cause, and I pray to God that we can replace the selfish ones that keep their necks in like turtles because of fear.

I agree with the caller about the stop sign at Brittney Lane and Meloney Drive. With all the things that Hinesville needs, rearranging stop signs is definitely not one of them.

What is Obama doing now? Now our voting is going to be done in Spain, so this way it can’t be checked, and George Soros is behind it. Why do we need Spain to check our ballots of those that vote? America, wake up — you don’t know what’s going on.

If you see someone abusing their animals, it should be reported to animal control or the humane society — not Sound off, where it’s anonymous and nobody knows who you’re talking about.

What does the city have mayor and city councilman for if they have to bring in a mediator to distribute funds? There’s no need to have a council or a mayor if we have to call in somebody to distribute funds in the city.

I wish to thank the two men who helped me Tuesday when my lawn mower slipped off in a ditch on Dorsey Road. These two men were my angels, and I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart, because God knows I couldn’t hold on another second. Thank you so much.

I’ve been reading about Brittney Lane and Meloney Drive, and they would like to know who gave the elected officials permission to change the stop sign. Their councilman did that, Keith Jenkins. He’s the one who felt the stop signs needed to be changed. Call your councilman, ask him.

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