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Sound off for Sept. 30
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Regarding the school lunches, I wish they would ask the parents what their kids do when they get home when they eat everything in the house because they’re so hungry. I bet you that the president and his wife do not eat the food that you’re serving these kids. They import all their food, they have parties every night.

This message is for the complaining parents in Liberty County: If you are that displeased with the school system — the school lunches, the superintendent — find your child somewhere else to go. Stop complaining.

I’ve got a question for Liberty County Jail: How can you arrest somebody and let them lay there and suffer and not do anything about it? Take the money off the books and then tell them there’s nothing wrong with them.

I don’t understand the law in Liberty County. I know of some people over in Fleming that have been caught with meth, cocaine and all, but they don’t spend that much time in jail because their parents or grandparents have money to get them out. But if you don’t have money, you don’t see nobody in jail but the regular old ones that they keep arresting for the same thing over and over — the users, not the ones that are selling it or making it.

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