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Sound off for Sept. 6
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All Americans need to realize that nobody in Washington, D.C., cares about us. They care about their futures, their money and what they make. Look at the young mother who is a waitress who’s going to lose hours because of Obamacare, or the jobs that are going to be taken from all people when they grant amnesty and let anybody come into our country. We all need to wake up and protect our America.

I think it’s a conflict of interest for someone who works for AAFES to have a parent in management when they go from a house cleaner to a shift manager and now recommended for area manager. This is a conflict of interest. Many people work for years for AAFES and don’t get this recommendation.

First Presbyterian church school, they’re asking those kids to do too much. Eleven players playing football both ways all night long in this heat? They’re asking those kids to do too much. It would be better for those kids if they just folded the football program and not put them kids in a situation to get injured by this heat out here during this time of year. Eleven kids is not enough for a football team.

Congratulations to the Liberty County High School football coaches and, above all, their players. On Friday night, they had a little adversity in the third quarter, but the first, second and fourth quarters were dominated by those young kids out there. And those kids really put on what I call a seasonal performance, to come in and play Bradwell that everyone is expecting to shine this season. As for my thoughts, Bradwell can go back to the drawing board or even bring back coach Walsh.

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