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Sound off for Sept. 9
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I’m calling about the problem with the parents visiting our Liberty County schools. I feel like there should be another meeting between the parents and the school board. It’s not fair — they want parent participation and helping, but they can’t go to the school and see what’s going on for themselves. To me, that would alleviate a lot of problems.

The bus routes, I feel like, should go into the neighborhoods. There are a lot of elderly people that are retired, physically disabled and can’t walk a long distance. If a bus would come into the neighborhoods, I feel like they would be useful and financially worthwhile.

I’m so upset with Obama. He says things about all the other countries that are fighting, but he has not said anything about all the Christians that are being slaughtered and right now in Egypt being crucified on the cross like Jesus. He went to Notre Dame and he made sure all the crosses and the pictures of Jesus were covered up. Who is Obama?

The big help and boost that you want to get in the economy is going to be a big help to all the internal affairs and also for the external affairs of other countries that hate us and also it’s going to be a big help in the passing on disease because people don’t have the money to buy medicine. And most of the medicine is not tested and it’s not doing any good anyhow, and it’s making you sick.

I live on Hancock Street, and down at the end of our street are two Section-8 houses where a soldier lives in one of them. How can it be? Hinesville has this situation all over the city. The people that work at our Taj Majal city hall building need to investigate this and quick wasting our tax money.

It’s a shame the Long County Board of Education can approve a dress code for kids, but teachers can dress any way they want to. My daughter was sent home for not having on the right tie, but a teacher can wear shorts. Something needs to be done about this. Long County Board of Education, you need to get on the ball or move out the way.

Yes, winning is great, but not if you’re the fall guy or the scapegoat. But the wrath of God falls on the children of disobedience.

Yes, the new sign, Fraser is FRASER, not FRAZIER. Thank you for spending our money wisely.

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