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Sound off for Sept. 9
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Liberty County Board of Education, how many complaints does it take against an administrator for you to open your eyes and see that there’s a problem?

Wake up, America. We cannot depend on the schools to teach our children. We need to teach our children. Schools are giving them an education; we need to teach them values. It starts at home. Wake up, people.

LOL. Nobody wants to have to show their ID for voting, but to renew your driver’s license, you need your Social Security, your birth certificate, two pictures of yourself and two IDs proving where you live. Ah, ha, ha.

I consider myself to be an educated African-American man, since I do have a graduate degree. And one thing I’ve found that’s a problem in this community is that on the board of education you have family members who can sway the votes, and also in the community leaders, you have family members who that can sway the vote. There needs to be a system in place where family members cannot serve on the same board.

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