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Sound Off Jan. 10

“Request high school transcript before allowing someone to run for an elected office. I believe the city would not have some of these in the positions they are currently holding. From high school until now, some people’s education level hasn’t change. What are the criteria for running for an elected position? Well Trump would not release his income for the highest position in the U.S., why bother with criteria for any other position.”

“We have a principal at our school who has no emotion. You would think that whoever hired this principal would have some kind of knowledge on how to run an elementary school. Its amazing to see how this principal is with not only the staff but the students. Dr. Perry, you really need to be more in the schools and ask your teachers how things are going especially at this school!”

“Why are we losing high performing teachers, law firms, residents and students to Long and Bryan counties? We have a central office staff who are not highly qualified, including one high level leader who has never taught a class. All of the other cabinet have never led a school, never improved a failing school, never acted as even an assistant principal nor do they have the required leadership credentials.”

“Reducing itemized deductions creates a fairer tax system. All citizens benefit from reduced rates, rather than select citizens benefiting from itemized deductions. Capping the state and local tax deduction makes high tax states take a hard look at their own rates, rather than having the federal government and low tax states, like Georgia, subsidize New York, New Jersey, and California.”

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