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Sound off July 13

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Bullying? Really? The superintendent is being bullied, but teachers are discouraged from even using the word regarding students because of the very strict definition and implications. Perhaps the superintendent and the board member should both resign. With their childish feud, they are certainly not setting a good example for the students of Liberty County nor the teachers.

Hey NCOs and officer at Fort Stewart, have you looked at the back gate entrance by Wright Army Airfield. The left side fence gate is grown over with weeds and brush. The right side is clean shaven and looks just fine. Why the difference? Just a comment from a retired sergeant major.

I went to my closet and pulled out my husband’s bowling bag today. I unzipped it and got out my crystal ball. All I saw was doom and despair. We were a country that was coming together with race and prosperity, now were worse than we started. What was it that killed Martin Luther King’s dream? What killed our Founding Fathers’ dreams? According to my crystal ball, it’s the government officials we elected. Think of your future generation before you vote for a person that is not qualified for the job they are seeking.

The mayor of Hinesville should enforce a policy that makes pet owners scoop their dogs’ poop, like the policy on Fort Stewart. It’s irritating when you can’t walk on the sidewalk because there’s dog poop on it.

I see a lot of people walking around playing that Pokemon Go game. It is good for them to be getting exercise. About time a video game got kids off of the couch.  Go Team Mystic!

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