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Sound off June 29
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To this person claiming that the land will be used for a new Kroger, it’s all a rumor. You didn’t read the article correctly. It’s stated that they don’t know what they’re going to put there, so pipe down.

In 1991 the president stopped Desert Storm with concerns of creating a political and cultural vacuum in Iraq. Then comes along the 43rd president starting a war in 2003 to remove the Iraqi president and his weapons of massive destruction. We provide $15 billion to rebuild and equip the Iraqi army, and after we pull out, we see this vacuum happen. So we blame the current administration. Wow. How did the 43rd president get elected? Where are the WMDs? Wow.

It is sad that our president now is calling it racist to stop people from coming into this country illegally. He does not want the fence up because it’s racist. These people are not even American, and it should be stopped today. There should be a fence put up. We have so many Americans out of jobs because we have foreigners invading our country and taking those jobs.

Why do you think Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg want to have amnesty? They want to bring foreigners in to pay them less money in high-tech jobs. We have some wonderful Americans who should be given these jobs, but they don’t want to give them to them. They don’t care about who comes into this country. They only care about their own pocketbooks.

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