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Sound Off June 8
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Vote against all incumbent in the upcoming election.

Be careful how you treat others. When you least expect, that same thing might just fall back on you. You reap what you sow. Remember that.

Priceless! A photo of BOE member Jones on her phone while on the stage at graduation after all graduating seniors were told they could not have a phone with them because it was rude.

Real newspapers all over Georgia are reporting on school’s CCRPI scores, Climate Ratings and letter grades issued by the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement. Maybe the Courier could report on our local schools? Or has our BOE and superintendent told you not to?

I would like the BOE to explain why kids are returning to school so early. Summer isn’t officially over until Labor Day. Why do teachers lose part of their summer because these crummy decisions are made? It’s too bad our teachers and students aren’t treated as well as the other counties because they get out earlier and go back later than our schools. If this continues, there won’t be a summer break at all.

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