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Sound Off May 25

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I was appalled at the behavior of some parents at a school play recently. It’s bad enough when they play on their phones instead of watching their kids on stage. But one parent came in 40 minutes late with a huge balloon bouquet and two younger children carrying fast food bags. That’s just plain rude to the kids and teachers who put the extra time in to put on a production. Come on parents, you can do better and set a better example for your kids!

From a veteran teacher’s point of view, I must say that the behavior of the children in this county is horrible! Parents, please instill some discipline in your children. They talk back to teachers, curse in the hallways, lie, make excuses and do not take responsibility for anything they do wrong. Parent.....please help us!

I will not vote for SPLOST because of the waste in our school system. Two years ago we were told to pile all of our computers (both laptops and desk top) in the hallway. Our principal said that any computer three years old or older had to go. We were switching to Mac. We couldn’t buy them, but they had to be put in the hallway, where they were thrown on a flatbed trailer and hauled away. Now our superintendent wants more money for technology. Stop the waste.

Editor's note: ESPLOST, Education Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax, is what pays for technology and capital expenses in the school system. SPLOST, or Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax, is separate, and it pays for county projects such as road improvements and maintenance and government buildings.

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