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Sound off Sept. 14

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Oh, oh, how I missed the ice-cream store in the Midway shopping center. It was so nice to go get an ice-cream cone before you shopped at the stores there. We really miss you, ice-cream store. Someone please open another one.

All parents, please, please, have the board of education to put monitors back on the buses for safety. Money would be put to great use. The teachers have help in the classroom with 30 kids or less; the bus drivers have up to 60 or more kids to drive with. Please put monitors back on the buses for safety.

If the Democrats want to do away with everything that relates to slavery, then they need to put all people that came from the slaves on a ship and take them back to Africa. Our history is our history, and it cannot be changed and should not be altered or forgotten. That is how we learn — from our mistakes.  There is no one alive today that owned slaves and no one alive that was a slave.

I am concerned about the tone of Carter’s recent survey on lifting the ban on exporting U.S.-produced oil. He seems to be under the impression that it will surely improve trade and make more jobs ... only he does not mention that some of that effect will be in other countries than the USA.  It will be in the countries that actually expanded their oil-refining ability so that they can use our oil to their advantage. Carter needs to review why the original ban was put in place, consider why the USA is not developing the refineries to process our own oil for domestic use, and focus on domestic utilization of a limited resource that we are paying some hidden costs to produce through fracking. If you must focus only on “trade” and the benefits of trade, try thinking in terms of promoting domestic trade for a change.

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