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Sound Off Sept. 7
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To some people in this town rape against a woman is violence against a woman. The rapist is not the victim. The victim is the one who has been raped. They’re the ones who need your attention, not the rapist. I cannot understand some people who think a rapist should be forgiven right away.

You guys really need to put that girl in who played for Liberty County High School. She was the best kicker this county ever had. I believe her name was Sidney Wilkinson? Find her, put her back in. Go Panthers.

I’m calling in response to the Liberty County High School names not being called at the football game. I just wanted to let you know a roster was asked for, but was not received by the Bradwell announcer, therefore she was unable to call out the names.   But she did feel it imperative to call out those players’ numbers to at least give them some acknowledgment. I’m sorry for the inconvenience but without a roster she was unable to take care of that situation. Thank you very much.

I’m calling in reference to the letter to the editor written by Len Calderone of Midway. I totally agree with this letter. He has asked that an independent advisory group consisting of the local residents of Liberty County be formed and the politicians of the county should be kept off that commission. I totally agree. I don’t feel Liberty County is being represented correctly by our local politicians. There are some issues they don’t cover that citizens who live in these neighborhoods could give a lot of input on. Thank you.

While I supported neither team, I thought Liberty County ran up the score needlessly. That last touchdown was definitely bush league.

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