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Sound off
Sound off phone

I would like to say “thank you” to all of you who had a part in sprucing up the Regency Park Apartments. It looks awesome.

I was shocked to read that Winn Army Hospital lets employees take many smoke breaks. When I worked there, they discouraged anyone from smoking, and everybody had the same break rules. They didn’t allow anybody to smoke all day long. Something is wrong. Somebody is not in charge because I know the health department discourages it. I’m really shocked at this, and somebody is abusing the system.

I would like to thank the Liberty Road Department for cleaning out the driveway pipes that were built up with leaves.

People are calling so much asking which party we are going to vote for. No matter who calls, I’m going to say independent. If all of us say independent, they’ll probably stop calling.

Are there any plans to put the TV schedule back in the paper? My subscription comes up for renewal soon, and I don’t plan to renew unless the TV schedule is put back. If more people would do this, then the Courier would listen to the opinions of their viewers.

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