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Tea time at the Midway Museum
MN Museum
You are invited! The Midway Museum will host its annual Christmas Tea from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Dec. 8. - photo by Matt Norsworthy / Coastal Courier
What was life in Midway like in the colonial days? Better yet, what was life like at Christmas in a colonial Midway home?
Well, the Midway Museum is going to show you when it hosts its annual Christmas Tea from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Dec. 8.
The museum is in Historic Downtown Midway on Highway 17, next to the historic Midway Church.
The museum houses documents, exhibits, and furnishings that commemorate the beginnings of Liberty County and serve as a chapter in the history of America.  These items describe the Midway Society from the Colonial period through its last meeting in December 1865. The museum is also noted for being Georgia’s only colonial museum.
Admission to the annual tea is free of charge and open to the public.
The museum will be decorated in glorious Christmas splendor to put visitors in the festive holiday mood.
Dianne Eller, assistant curator, said, “All of the staff will be dressed in colonial period costumes to help everyone experience Christmas as it was long ago.”
In addition to period decorations and costumes, the sweet smell of homemade treats will  emanate from the old kitchen.  
“Tea, hot chocolate, cookies, and other goodies for children and adults will be available as well,” Eller said.
While visiting with staff and guests, everyone is free to tour the museum on their own or on guided tours.
 Stories of old will be told to those wishing to hear about Christmas in colonial Midway.
These stories will enlighten local residents as to how life existed during the early days of Liberty County.
These stories, along with the many artifacts and furnishings found in the museum, will also introduce visitors to colonial Midway.
There will also be a corn-grinding exhibit to add to the colonial spirit. Guests will be able to watch and learn about corn grinding.
Guests will also be able to visit and tour the grand Midway Church next door to the museum and the historic Midway Cemetery located directly across the street at no charge.  
If enough staff is available, guided tours to the cemetery and church will be offered as well.
There is no better place to be on Dec. 8 than the Annual Christmas Tea at the Midway Museum.  
This will be an educational experience and an enjoyable event for all ages to start celebrating the holidays as they did in colonial Midway.
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