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Thats a wrap, but not the end of a good meal
Liberty Foodie

Some of the best foods come in wraps. We typically call them burritos, but don’t limit your thoughts to merely Mexican cuisine.
Although that is my favorite one-handed grab-and-go meal; tangy and spicy beef, chicken or bean (or a combo with all three) beautifully wrapped in a flour tortilla, a perfectly bundled package of yumminess.

But the wonderful thing about a burrito is that you can turn just about anything into one. It’s all about the wrap.
Whether it’s a flour, wheat, spinach or corn tortilla, once you place food in the middle and fold, you’ve got a burrito.
There are hundreds of possibilities. I love making scrambled eggs with spinach, hash brown potatoes and crispy bacon for breakfast. You lightly heat the tortilla on a flat skillet, fill with all the breakfast goodies, fold and eat.

Lightly heat a tortilla on one side. Once warm, turn to heat the other side while sprinkling the top with a little cinnamon and sugar. Remove the tortilla from the heat. Add sliced pieces of pre-cooked pancake, top with a smidge of syrup and fold.
Completely scrumptious!

Instead of a boring Caesar salad on a plate, place sprigs of Romaine lettuce sprinkled with Parmesan cheese and cooked chicken in the middle of a spinach tortilla. Top the salad with your favorite dressing and fold.
Healthy, quick and delicious.

Barbecue pulled pork, topped with creamy coleslaw wrapped in a corn tortilla and then grilled in a flat pan until lightly brown is far better than having the pork on a bun.
Cook a hamburger patty. Once done chop it into small chunks. Place the meat on a flour tortilla, top with lots of cooked bacon and cheddar cheese. Fold the tortilla tightly and deep fry until the tortilla is crispy and light brown.
Best burrito-berg ever!

Cut your favorite candy bar in half (lengthwise). Freeze the candy overnight. Wrap each half in a tortilla. Drop it in a deep fryer for a bit. Place it on the plate and sprinkle the top with cinnamon and sugar (powdered sugar works good too) for the best dessert burrito.
I could probably turn any meal into a burrito. Especially if I have to eat on the run. The secret is keeping all the good stuff inside the tortilla.

I like to make sure the ends are properly tucked and folded preventing any spills.
With your tortilla stuffed with goodies, place your hands at the 3 and 9 position (like o’clock) of the tortilla and fold them toward the center. Fold the tortilla over the fillings and tuck as much food under the filling as possible. Before making the final fold, tuck each corner toward the center one more time. Finish rolling the tortilla toward the end.
Done right all the good stuff stays inside.

Eating should be an enjoyable experience. Go ahead and play with your food. Experiment and explore your taste buds.
I’m heading into the kitchen now. Going to take my leftover mac-and-cheese, top it with bacon. Wrap it up and fry it for lunch.

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