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Band brings island sounds downtown
Virgin Island Army Band plays here
The Georgia heat did not keep the crowds from gathering in Bradwell Park Thursday afternoon to hear the sultry sounds of the 73rd Army National Guard band of the Virgin Islands.
The calypso combo could not keep Venasta Miyick and Charm Reed off their feet, dancing under as much shade as possible.
"When people say 'there's nothing to do in Hinesville', I point out these (type of) things going on," Reed said. "If you want to (have a good time), you don't have to go all the way to Savannah to get it."
The lunchtime concert got Reed excited to see what is in store for this year's LibertyFest coming up next weekend.
The musical attraction, organized by the Hinesville Downtown Development Authority, became a community midday mingle while also garnering some renewed interest to the
downtown district.  
"These are one of things that make Hinesville special, I think," Gale Dent said.
With a stocked picnic basket with lunch, Gale Dent arrived early to make a comfortable set-up of a table and chairs to better enjoy the cultural experience.
She heard about the midday concert through the newspaper, but knew what kind of music to expect since she has visited St. Thomas before.
But she said the 73rd Army band had a special sound.
"They sound pretty good to me," Dent said.
For Abe and Isaac Klassen, the concert was a quality time outing.
"It just gave us a chance to be together and to eat lunch together," Klassen said.
He explained how being at his job and his son at daycare did not always give them a chance to enjoy each other's company.
"I just always wanted to listen to a band like that," Klassen added.
Dr. Seth Borquaye of downtown's Comprehensive OB/GYN Health Center, thought the Caribbean band performance was worth bringing his staff to hear it.
As an African native, Borquaye "knew all about the steel drums," and wanted his staff to "get a feel for how artistic," the instruments are.
In addition to the calypso combo and steel drum ensemble, the band played a rendition of "God Bless America," in tribute to "all our fallen comrades."
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