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'Brothers at War' opens in Savannah
Capt. Isaac Rademacher is interviewed for one scene in the movie. - photo by Photo provided.


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To bring the movie to your town: A community or group can form a “Task Force” to bring BROTHERS AT WAR to their towns. The BAW team will show you how.  Check to see where movies are playing. Write to start a Task Force today.

Tickets for troops:  Businesses and individuals who wish to sponsor troops
seeing the film may purchase tickets to be distributed to military. Email

"Brothers at War" (, director Jake Rademacher's feature film released by Samuel Goldwyn Films about modern U.S. military in Iraq, booms from five military markets to 17 this Friday, March 27, then expands again to 25 markets on April 3rd.
The openings today include the Wynnsong 11 theater in Savannah.

Academy Award nominee and Emmy winner, actor Gary Sinise (FORREST GUMP, CSI: NEW YORK), recent recipient of the Presidential Citizen's Medal, and U.S. military supporter, is an executive producer.

Filmmakers will attend select showings, followed by Q&As at the following locations:

Rademacher twice embedded with his two brothers' units in Iraq-then captured their returns to the U.S. Military viewers, from the under-reported National Guard to Marines and Army, give major thumbs-up to the first war film in years to "get" why soldiers go and the families' sacrifice. BAW is distributed by Samuel Goldwyn Films.

In Iraq, BAW rolls back the clock to before the Surge successfully changed U.S. fortunes there: from Army Intelligence units on Reconnaissance near the Syrian border . . . to a "hide site" of National Guard snipers, to the first Iraqi unit (trained and led by U.S. Marines) to receive responsibility for its own battle space. Military audiences say BAW opens uncommon access to the daily lives of soldiers at war-and back home.


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