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HInesville firefighter heads to Nashville
ap Satterfield pic
Terry Satterfield - photo by Photo by Alena Parker.
Hinesville firefighter Terry Satterfield is trading in his uniform to don boots and a pair of blue jeans and attend the 2008 American Music Auditions in Lebanon, Tenn., at Cumberland University for a chance to land a record deal.
After making the pre-audition cut, Satterfield will need to distinguish himself from a crowd of 125 other hopefuls during the auditions Jan. 11-13 in front of a panel of Nashville record labels, such as Universal and Mercury.
Satterfield said the audition is not a competition or a “cattle call, like American Idol, where 5,000 people show up for a 30-second a cappella.”
He and others will have 30 minutes to perform three songs with a “full-on production.”
For someone who has “been singing just about all my life” and “grew up in a family of musicians,” it may not come as a surprise that Satterfield is “not really nervous” about the audition.
Satterfield has been singing since he was 16 and both his parents sang and played the guitar.
“(I) grew up with it in my blood, I guess,” Satterfield said.
In addition to preparing his wardrobe, Satterfield is also “going through a lot of vocal training” to increase his vocal range and improve his pitch.
But Satterfield is no stranger to singing in front of an audience. He performed at last year’s Liberty Fest and “wanted to do something like this (American Music Auditions) for the longest time.”
Satterfield has not yet finalized his three selections for the audition, but will sing two country songs and perform with a guitar while singing a gospel song written by his brother.
Satterfield is originally from Tennessee and has been a local resident since 1998.
For more details, visit his Web page at
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