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Life in Liberty Q&A: Color Prowl runner
BI grad Kelly Wiggins will be part of the crowd on Saturday at the Color Prowl.

Liberty Consolidated Planning Commission Executive Assistant Kelly Wiggins is proud of her roots.

A Liberty County native who’s lived in Hinesville her entire life, Wiggins graduated from Bradwell Institute and has an associates degree from Savannah Tech in administrative and secretarial studies.

Here’s more on Wiggins from the Liberty Consolidated Planning Commission website, which notes she worked for Hawkins Electric for five years before taking a position with the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office as a secretary in the detectives office, before moving to the Sheriff’s Office in the Historic Courthouse under Sheriff J. Don Martin for 13 years.

After leaving the Sheriff’s Office, Wiggins moved to the tag office where she was employed for three years. In June 2014, she began her career with the LCPC as executive assistant.

And now that you know that, here’s our LIL Q&A with Wiggins.

Have you ever participated in an event like this?

I have participated in several 5K events. I participated in the color run on Fort Stewart a couple of years ago. I also participated in Foam Fest in Jacksonville and that was tons of fun.

What are you most looking forward to?

I am looking forward to participating and supporting my alma mater with my lifelong friends. I am proud to be a Bradwell Institute alumni and we always support the school and the school’s activities whenever we can.

How do you think community and participants will react to the first event of this kind?

I am hoping that the community will come out and support Bradwell and have a great time. When I saw the flyer I was excited and called my friend Crystal immediately to sign up. I think the community will embrace the event and have fun doing so.

How do you think everyone will look after the event?

I think we will all look tired, hot and colorful.

What is your favorite color?

My favorite color is red.

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