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New restaurant, club opens in Long County
MR Rye Patch open4
The decor gives the clubhouse a rustic look. - photo by Photo by Mike Riddle
The Clubhouse in Rye Patch and Rye Patch Horse Farm and Hunting Club, recently had a grand opening.
Owner Tim Works opened the celebration by welcoming the crowd, and then the group of about 75 enjoyed ribs, chipped pork, chicken, coleslaw and baked beans.
“The food is very good, I love the country atmosphere and I plan to come back,” said Scott Rosenberg, who visited the resteraunt for the first time with wife, Ann.
Ronnie Smiley, who made the trip from Bluffton, S.C., to attend the grand opening said, “Long County needed a place like this. It is an absolutely beautiful place, and the food is great.”
The restaurant is open seven days a week at 11 a.m. and, according to owner Tim Works, “We don’t close until the last man is out the door.”
“We feel that our establishment is like none in the area,” Works said. “We have four lanes of indoor horse shoes, a 40-bed bunk house and food like no one else. We want to serve the folks in Long County, but we also want people from Liberty and Tattnall and Bryan county to come. We know that what they get when they come will be worth the drive, and they will leave well-satisfied.”
Head cook Jerry Smiley echoed Work’s sentiment.
“We take our time and cook our food right. The way we cook our burgers is like nobody else. We have a Brunswick stew that comes from a 90-year-old recipe from the Gladys Miness family. People will enjoy the food.”
In addition to the food enjoyed by the opening night crowd, Works and Smiley will begin serving steak and seafood.
“We want it to be
exceptional,” Smiley said.
The restaurant is on Rye Patch Road in Long County. For information, call 545-2289 or go to
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