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Savannah preparing for Cyrus movie shoot
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TYBEE ISLAND — Filming “The Last Song” on Tybee Island could create traffic tie-ups.
It will limit access to the beach some weekdays, and shooting typically will go as late as midnight.
And crew members some days are going to take up about 100 primo parking spots right off the pier.
And what did groups of Tybee business owners and residents largely say in response?
“Welcome to Tybee” and “We love you.”
With filming of Disney’s latest Miley Cyrus movie scheduled to begin shooting on Tybee in a week, most on Tybee are focused largely on what the influx of film crews, movie buffs and squealing teenage Miley fans could mean for Tybee's economy for years to come.
“It’s going to be good for us,” said Gloria Magune, who owns Royal Palms Motel on Butler Avenue. “Even ‘Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil’ is still bringing us business.”
Bass Hampton, location manager for the shoot, and two other production officials met with business owners and residents in two meetings Monday.
They answered concerns about parking, security, late-night noise and how bright the lights at night would be.
They were easygoing and polite and promised to respond to any concerns brought to their attention. One factor that should help: No filming will happen on weekends because, as a minor, Miley is not allowed to work then.
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