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Sound off for Aug. 1
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The statements below do not reflect the opinions of the Courier. The calls are anonymous so the Courier can not vouch the veracity.

To all the people that park in the bus zone at the YMCA, you should be ashamed of yourself. You're breaking the rules, you're lazy and you're wasting gas by letting your car idle. Someone needs to call tow trucks on them.

It doesn't surprise me that Button Gwinnett and Snelson-Golden failed the AYP, well none of the high schools for that matter. When my children went to Button Gwinnett and Snelson-Golden they didn't teach them anything. I had to teach them what they were supposed to do.

I wish a certain newspaper columnist would quit with her political views. Everybody has an opinion, we don't necessarily have to agree with hers all the time. I wish she would quit being so negative all the time.

According to our Sound off, nobody is really talking about the issues. We need to talk about why the Coastal Courier is blaming blacks and poor people for the low test scores. Maybe we need to look at the teachers and parents instead of the poor people and black people. The issue is clearly at home and at the school.

I want to know what is going on with the manhole cover potholes around here. They repaved 196 and covered the manhole covers any with the caller about the AYP test scores. It is a shame that this county does not discipline the kids in the way should be. Once they step up doing their job then maybe they'll make AYP. Also it takes a strong principal that's going to back the teachers instead of showing favoritism to certain employees.

The only time politicians tell the truth is when they call each other liars, heehe.

I think it is wrong of the schools to have the open house the hours they are having them. I work. I get off at 5 o'clock. I have to go to three schools, but won't get back to Hinesville until 5:30-5:45. They have to accommodate parents who are concerned and care about their children's education.

Will TRICARE pay for our annual flu shots seeing as we can't get them at the immunization clinic due to the fact it takes too much time?

Why does the Coastal Courier refer people like me to the Internet when I don't even have a computer?

It's nice of the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce to ask local people to shop local. How many of the local candidates for political office spent their campaign dollars locally? That's an interesting question.

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